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SEASIDE Oregon — Authorities said the man shot and killed by
Seaside police on Tuesday afternoon was armed with two black
powder pistols.

Cashus Dean Case, 44, of Seaside, was allegedly waving the pistols at
the Seasider RV Park in anger after a man had been bitten by a dog.
He was shot by police after allegedly refusing to disarm, according to
the Clatsop County District Attorney’s Office.

Authorities said the gunfire occurred after a confrontation, but did not
say whether Case was pointing or waving the pistols at police. Black
powder pistols are antiques or reproductions of guns popular in the

Case was prohibited from owning firearms because of felony
convictions, the district attorney’s office said, including a 2012 drug
conviction in Idaho, where Case used to live.

Rick Derby told KOIN that Case intervened after he was attacked by

“They mauled me, they mauled me,” Derby told the television station.
“I made it to the gate and the trailer and I couldn’t get away. I stand up
as best as I could and (Case) comes across and drags me by my
clothes out the gate and they are still trying to bite me and holds me
up on the truck.”

Derby, who was treated at a Portland hospital for his injuries, told
KOIN that Case saved him. “He saved my life,” he said. “I can’t believe
the cops killed him. That’s insane.”

Joanne Polaschek, the mother of Derby’s ex-girlfriend, told The Daily
Astorian that it was amazing Case would try to pull the dogs off Derby.

Polaschek said Derby had lost his home in Gearhart a few months ago
and was living in a tent in the RV park. She said the aftermath of the
dog attack and shooting has affected more people than Case and

“A lot of people will be and are damaged by this,” she said.

Polaschek asked people not to “draw conclusions” before all the facts
are known.

Jeff Walker, who said he worked with Case at Gorilla Gas in Seaside,
described Case as hardworking. He said Case liked to play rock ‘n’ roll
on the radio. “He was ‘Wayne’s World,’ party time. He was bombastic
and he was loud,” he said. “His stature made him seem intimidating,
but he’d risk himself for somebody else. And he’s going to be missed.”

But Walker also said Case “had his quirks. He was hot-tempered.”

Two Seaside police officers involved in the shooting have been placed
on leave with pay, which is standard procedure.

The Oregon State Police is leading the investigation.
R.I.P. My Friend Cashus Dean Case (Deano)