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I stared smoking around 10 years old, I would steal my step dad's cigarettes ( Pall Mall non filtered ) and then my second step dad's cigarettes ( Camel non
filtered ). When I was 16 I was working and able to buy my own cigarettes and I smoked Marbaro reds (or kings how ever you want to call it ) at 18 I started
smoking Camel filters and smoked them for 32 years. Thats about 40 years of smoking. I tried to quit a few times, cold turkey (that lasted all of 2 days !), the
patch (all of my tattoos welted up and a big rash around the patch.), The gum (just made me sick.) so now I try Vapor.
I quit cigarettes March 22, 2013 at
11:30 am.
I have only used a personal vaporizer since that time and could not be happier !! The E-Liquid I use is 2.4% nicotine (or about a full flavor cigarette).
My favorite liquid is cherry tobacco, but I also use other flavors (ie raspberry, vanilla, green apple, melon)  there are many flavors and nicotine levels out there,
just find one you like. I feel better, I can breath better, I can smell again, I can taste again and I don't wake up trying to cough out a lung !! If you are a smoker
looking for a way to get away from cigarettes, I highly recommend a Personal Vaporizer or a e-cig !!
   As of my birthday July 3 2013, it has been 103 days
and no CIGARETTES !!!! My only regret is that my mom was not here to see that I had quit after all the years she was after me to stop !!
This is my new Personal Vaporizer.
A Sigelei ZMax V3. It is a variable This is
from Stormy's Vapor Cellar. Same tank as
the eGo but the cartomizer is the A Sigelei
ZMax V3. It is a variable 510D xxl
standard resistance, with a chrome 45 deg
adapter and chrome drip chrome 45 deg
adapter and chrome drip tip. I run it at
3.5 to 4 volts, it is a chrome 45 deg
adapter and chrome drip awesome Vape !!!
My First Personal Vaporizer!!
A eGo 1100mah Mega Passthrough with a 6ml
tank, 510D xxl low resistance cartomizer,
Black and White Knuckle Drip Tip. Still use
this set up when I am out and about. Small
and light. From Vapor-Mania (see their ad
here) friendly staff and very helpful !!!
Thanks to my friend Laura for showing me
such a cool store !!
Check out the VAPE page for great places for Vapor Products That I have found and use.
Happy Vaping !!
I work in a casino in Nevada. I work in a office and not on the casino floor and
smoking is allowed in the casino but... Since I have quit smoking and just use a
personal vaporizer the smell in the casino is overwhelming almost to the point of
making me sick!!! I finely understand what non-smokers go though!!
Not long ago I went to a friends home, my friend and his wife both smoke in there
home and have lived there over 15 years, it was like walking in to a dirty ashtray!
This Site is just for fun and for information on E-Cig's and things I find useful. I am sorry if MY site is not what you think it should be !
Special Thanks to Red Lawrence for making my Logo !!!
As of 12/04/13 it has been 257 days and no cigarettes !! I feel better than I have in years !!
Still have not cut down on the nicotine Level like I had planed. I do have some liquids that are
at a lower level but I just am not ready to fully make the move to a lower level !!
It has been 1 year , I feel better than I ever have !
I just wish I had found out about these years ago !!
Just the smell of a cigarette is nasty now !! And to think I use
to smoke them, I don't see how I did it for so many years !
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