I am making this page because I keep finding Vapor shops and web sites that I like and use a lot
and thought it would be better to put them all in one place.
As always - VAPE ON, VAPE SAFE and VAPE PROUD !!!
ZOMBIES vs. VAPERS - "VaporActive"  
cover of IMAGINE DRAGONS "Radioactive."
... For the video see below.
Vapor Web Sites only
If there is a Vapor store or web site you would like to see here, Please send me a e-mail with URL
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My Favorites to watch on youtube for info on e-cigs !!
Well said Grimm, well said !!!
Top 10 Reasons I vape !
10- Save money, $10-$20 a week for juice Versus $50-$75 a week for cigarettes !
9- No more burn holes in my clothes, carpet, furniture !
8- My house does not smell like an ashtray !
7- I don't have to go out side to smoke when it's cold !
6- My Clothes Don't stink !
5- I feel better !
4- I can taste again !
3- I can breath again !
2- I am not trying to cough out a lung !
1- I am off cigarettes !
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company's web: www.rulientech.com
company's alibaba web: www.rulientech.en.alibaba.com
company's facebook page: www.facebook.com/rulientech
For Retailers, brick and mortar stores  
BuySellvape (BSV) is a North American vapor product and services
sell their new & used vapor products in a high traffic multi-vendor

BSV was developed because of the unwillingness of other eCommerce
sites to allow vapor products and eLiquids on their sites.  
BuySellvape is dedicated to providing their community and
partners a professional, scalable, interactive, and easy commerce
platform where you can find, buy, or sell your vapor products
without ever fearing you will be blacklisted.

website:  http://buysellvape.com

current offers: promotional beta testing- $299 one year
subscription for beta testing feedback through May 31, 2015.
Vulgar Vaper Introduction

I would like to educate the general public as to why and how bad things happen when vaping. Recently there has been buzz about a young man "blowing his face off" with his vaping device. Please watch and learn why this happened and why it is of pure ignorance. Thank you in advance for watching, and to take words from a fellow vapor remember "Smoking IS dead, Vaping IS the future, and the future IS now."

Posted by Corey Jones on Tuesday, May 26, 2015
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